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Breeding Schedules

August 2021 waitlist open for reservations

Important Announcement - We Have a couple of spots left for our goats due in August of 2021. We ask that potential buyers read our sales policy before placing a reservation  for our waiting list. All pairings are subject to change until the doe is confirmed bred. 

Announcement Spring 2022 - We are currently working on bringing you our Spring 2022 planned breeding schedule! We are selecting our pairing currently. Does will be bred  Fall 2021 to kid in the Spring of 2022.  Pairings are subject to change until the doe is confirmed bred. We are very excited for our 2022 year, we have been working towards bringing you excellent dairy quality, friendly and beautiful kids!

August 2021 Pairings

Bred on March 10th 2021

Buzz 'n Billy Sweet Swiss D159060

Lovely Build, Beautiful face, Swiss comes from excellent dairy lines. Brown eyes, White star, Generous white markings. 

Buzz 'n Billy Bellavitano D158776 

Strong build, Nice face, polled. Bellavitano comes from excellent dairy lines. Frosted ears, blue eyes, white star, white markings. 

Bred on March 21st and 22nd 2021

Buzz 'n Billy Always an Angel D159062

Part of our Mini Line. Comes from excellent milk lines.

Beautiful coat, Sundgau,  White star, blue eyes, white markings.

Buzz 'n Billy Tomme De Savoie D158784 

Part of our Mini Line. This Handsome little guy has been the center of our interest lately. We are so ecstatic to see his first kids. Cou Clair, Blue eyes, Abundant white markings, Frosted ears.

Bred on  March 21st 2021

Buzz 'n Billy Rosemary (Registration Pending)

Rosemary comes from Excellent Dairy Lines, this breeding will be her second freshening. Frosted ears, blue eyes, wattles, roaning, white star, generous white markings.

Buzz 'n Billy Rogue River Blue D158719

Rogue also known "Danny" comes from great dairy lines, He is a cou clair and has produced some beautiful kids this year. Frosted ears, blue eyes, generous white markings, white star and wattles.