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Buzz 'n Billy Farm

Buzz 'n Billy Tilly

Buzz 'n Billy Tilly (will be registering)

Born February 15th 2020

Kidded- February 24th 2022

Tilly is a playful, social and loving goat devoted to her humans. she is the first one to call for attention in the herd and she loves to be accompanied by other friendly goats who will cuddle with her! she sports a full black coat with a very small star on her forehead and beautiful blue eyes and comes from a great dairy line. she had 2 kids her first freshening who had incredibly long legs and a human-oriented personality just like her. 



Buzz 'n Billy Colby

Buzz 'n Billy Colby

Registered Nigerian Dwarf D158967

Born July 15th 2017

Colby is big, quiet, and wise. she is a very gentle and trusting goat once she gets to know you, then she is your partner for life. She is polled with a black coat with white splashing, white star and brown eyes and had 4 kids her second freshening!

Buzz 'n Billy Colby is the Dam of :